29 Years EMT Experience

EMT Class

2016 classes

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Morning or Evening EMT Class


2016 Classes

Winter Classes

January classes: four choices-pick one

Morning class: Monday and Wednesdays 9am 1/4/16 through 5/11/16

Evening classes: Monday and Wednesdays 5pm 1/4/16 through 5/11/16

Morning class: Tuesday and Thursdays  9am 1/5/16 through 5/5/16

Evening classes: Tuesday and Thursdays 5pm 1/5/16 through 5/5/16


We run the same classes Mondays/Tuesdays and Wednesdays/Thursdays so you can technically rotate to any class to accommodate your schedule. Meaning: you can attend classes on Mondays/Thursdays, or Tuesdays/Wednesdays.



Summer Classes

May classes three choices-pick one

Monday, Wednesday, & Thursdays 9am 5/25/16 through 8/18/16

Monday, Wednesday, & Thursdays 5pm 5/25/16 through 8/18/16

Tuesdays 9am-2pm, & Fridays 9am-noon 5/26/16 through 8/20/16


Fall classes 

August classes four choices-pick one

Morning classes: Monday and Wednesdays 9am 8/22/16 through 12/19/16

Evening classes: Monday and Wednesdays 5pm 8/22/16 through 12/19/16

Morning classes: Tuesday and Thursdays 9am 8/23/16 through 12/20/16

Evening classes: Tuesday and Thursdays 5pm 8/23/16 through 12/20/16





Simply email your name and phone number to the link below. A confirmation email will be sent to you which includes the course syllabus, an overview of the program and where to send your deposit.


I look forward having you in our next class.