Jen Choquette

EMT-Cardiac/Firefighter, has been affiliated with Hope Valley Ambulance and Carolina Fire Department for over eleveen years. Jen has also worked for the states search and rescue K-9 unit along with working for animal control in Narragansett. Jen has experience with private ambulance services (Med Tech, Alert) along with being an ER tech at South County Hospital.



Jim Marchetti

EMT affiliated with Hope Valley Ambulance. Dedicated EMT and held Lieutenant positions for many years at Hope Valley Ambulance




Erin Ozga

EMT-B, CPR –Instructor. Affiliated with Hope Valley Ambulance and Charlestown Ambulance/ Rescue. Attends college, and loves working in the EMS and Health Care field.


Nick Adam

Nick is an EMT-Cardiac, and fulltime firefighter at Cranston Fire Department. Nick has been a fireman since 2006 and enjoys every minute of firefighting and EMS .





Kevin Farrel

EMT-C/ Firefighter with Limerock Fire Department




Angela Lavioe

Has been an EMT since 2011, affiliated with Hope valley Ambulance Squad since 2010, Presently works at MedTech and is also an Occupational Therapist. Angela enjoys the EMS field, learning and teaching.





Patrick Hawkins

EMT-C/Firefighter with Hope Valley Ambulance/Fire, and Exeter Rescue






John Gardiner

EMT-C Hope Valley Ambulance







Ken Rassler

Paramedic Hope Valley Ambulance and Foster Ambulance, MA Education-former Principal








Kristen Trowbridge

EMT-C/BLS Instructor and National Ski Patrol Certified. Worked as a dispatcher at Medtech Ambulance and works for Yawgoo Valley Ski Patrol