Stop The Bleed

Our mobile unit will come to your business and teach Stop the bleed. This course is essential for any companies working with industrial tools or employees that are at a risk for traumatic injuries.

Trauma-related deaths account for approximately 40% of fatalities worldwide, with severe bleeding being a leading cause. Time is critical, as someone experiencing severe bleeding can succumb in as little as 5 minutes. Our training emphasizes the urgent need for bleeding control to preserve life by containing blood loss and keeping it within the body.  

This course follows OSHA guidelines and covers bleeding control techniques like identifying types, applying pressure, wound packaging, and using a tourniquet. 


This course meets the following OSHA standards:

Length- 2 hours
Our Team:
Our instructors range from Nurses, paramedics and AEMT-Cardiac's with the minimum experience level being an EMT. 
Please send me an email to inquire about pricing. Prices vary for number of students.